Monday, October 24, 2011

HalfLife by Meghan O'Rourke

I've read complaints about how Meghan O'Rourke doesn't deserve all the success she has had in the poetry world, and I don't understand it. After reading [book:Halflife|3419397], I am a fan of her poetry. I think it's great! The book was an enjoyable read.

Her poems are polished and tight, the images were surprising.

I love the tone of the book, it feels menacing and uneasy like a dream before it turns into a nightmare. As I read the poems, I kept thinking that they were all true, even when it would be pretty unlikely. She is a credible narrator and I love when a writer can make me believe something that is not real.

I think her titles could be better. They are all either one word titles ("Spectacular," "Halflife"), or simple phrases ("Lost Sister," "Peep Show"). The line and stanza breaks are mostly not orderly, but some have regular line and stanza breaks.

When it came time to find O'Rourke's poems online, I had no trouble at all, her poems are reposted by fans on their blogs and on tumblr. I feel like her poems are some of the most "available" when I had to search for specific poems online.

My favorites in the book:

Inventing a Horse (Sorry about the ridiculous background on the website)

Sandy Hook




At 5:23 PM, Blogger beth coyote said...

Thanks for these. I liked all of them. And yeah, the background on the first one was annoying!!



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