Monday, July 04, 2011

Aram Saroyan's Complete Minimalist Poems

The only poem of Aram Saroyan I read before this book is his famous poem, eyeye. I think concrete poems are fun, so I was happy to pick up this book at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival this year. Saroyan is kind of the representative for concrete poetry, or at least the most famous. I would like to look into the genre more and see if I can find modern poets doing this.

I zipped through the book quickly since there were just one or two words on most of the pages. I don't think all the poems were even in quality or creativity. The most charming poems really stick with me more than I thought such short poetry would.

My favorite poems in the book: (I am just writing the poems since they are only one or a few words; each poem is on its own line)

Typewriter Kittens





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