Monday, May 09, 2011

Running outside

Kris and I ran outside yesterday at the local track. I loved it and wish I could run outside all year!

The last time we ran outdoors was when we visited New Jersey last July and ran the route my friend Ryan usually trains on. He runs outside all year. I used to run on the limestone hills near my apartment in Austin, and I really miss it.

I ran pretty slow, but I didn't stop to walk at all during my two mile run. I think I could have kept going.

I like everything about it except I can't really tell what speed I am running, and the bugs. I didn't notice bugs at all while I was running, but once I started walking for my cooldown lap, they were suddenly everywhere.

Sometimes running is hard on a treadmill because I see the seconds ticking of how long I have left in my workout. I don't think I am ready for outdoor winter running, so I am not a total convert to training outside, but I am going to try to jog outdoors as much as I can this Spring/Summer/Fall.


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