Sunday, October 24, 2010

You know where this is going

My favorite used bookstore is Rodney's. I only found out it existed because a friend told me about a great bookstore that was going out of business and was having a half price sale to get rid of their inventory. The used books were already half off, and then they took another half off that, so everything was a quarter of the list price. Kris and I went every time we were in Cambridge (pretty often). I couldn't understand how the store was going out of business because it was always full of shoppers. We had to get another full-sized bookshelf because of this bookstore!

The store is two floors, has a great poetry section. I was pretty sad that I only found out about it after it was closing.

I went to Rodney's last week, and there was a sign up that they aren't closing anymore! So many people bought books during the sale, they paid off their debts, and can afford to stay open. The sale is going on for another month. I wonder how crowded it will be after the sale is over.

I'm excited! We're going to have to buy another another bookcase!


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