Sunday, October 24, 2010

The issue was published last week and I'm still thinking about it

The New Yorker cover last week by Roz Chast is killing me! We get the magazine at work.

The cover illustration is a man reading in a chair with an laptop in his library. All the bookcases are behind him, and all of the books look sad and upset that he is on his laptop instead of reading them. (Yes, I have empathy for objects.)

A lot of my friends have been debating e books lately. I like the idea of them. My main issue is reading on a back-lit screen really bothers my eyes. The Kindle took care of this but the iPad is just like reading off a computer. Another issue for me is I worry poetry will be one of the last genres that gets brought over to digital format. I might be wrong about this since there are a lot of poetry magazines that are published online.

I really do think a lot of people will be reading this way once the e reader prices are lower. I think it could be good for poetry, and good for reading in general.

I don't think anything will save books from people going on the internet instead. (Where I am right now!)

Here is the cover. I can hardly bear to look at all those poor, sad books. Aw, books, I'm sorry!


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