Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I found my long lost ring!

My first Christmas during college, my mother bought me a black and white pearl ring. I loved it and wore it all the time for years.

In 2005 one of the pearls fell out and I planned to get it repaired, but I was in the middle of a move from California to Texas, so I put it in a bag where I thought it would be safe. When I got to Texas, I couldn't find it. I looked through all my bags and boxes, and it was gone. I tore up my house about once a month looking for it for the next year.

I checked ebay periodically to see if I could find another one like it or a ring I would like to wear all the time, but never found anything.

Last week, 5 years after I lost it, I found one exactly the same except for the size. My heart started beating fast when I saw it.

The ring is smaller, but I can still wear it if I put it on my ring finger instead of my middle. I am not sure if I want to get it sized so it will be exactly the same as the missing ring. Even if I end up sizing it, I want to wear it for awhile. I missed it.

This first photo I took in about 2001. I was showing someone the scratches on my hand, and the ring just happened to be in the photo.

This photo is the ebay picture that went along with the auction.


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