Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I was the Jukebox by Sandra Beasley

I group Sandra Beasley's poems together with Julianna Baggott and Aimee Nezhukumatathil--they write accessible poems that I really like to read. They are poems I would give to someone who wasn't into poetry, or someone just starting to read poems. They are straightforward, easy to understand, but still really good. I think these poets are great for poetry.

Beasley said in her book that a lot of the poems were written during NaPoWriMo. I saw a lot of them posted to her blog every day as she was writing them. I was so impressed by her poems, I tried NaPoWriMo myself the next year (I do it every year now. I love the weird poems that happen when I am forced to write a poem every day). In some ways you can tell that they were done during NaPoWriMo: there are a lot of poems with similar titles (The Piano Speaks, The Sand Speaks, The Platypus Speaks, etc.) There are also a lot of repeating lines in the poems. I am sensitive about repetition, and I don't think it was overused in these poems.

All the poems in the book are either one stanza, or are broken into stanzas of the same length. I think there is one or two that breaks this rule, but will have another orderly method of breaking lines (three line stanza followed by a two line stanza throughout the poem).

My favorites from this book:

Unit of Measure

The Piano Speaks

You Were You



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