Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tristemania by Mary Ruefle

I loved Ruefle's Indeed I Was Pleased With the World and Tristimania was great too, maybe better!

There were a lot poems that used repetition in the collection. Usually I don't like repetitive poems, but I really enjoyed all but one of them. The poem I didn't like was sort of double repetitive: each line was something like: I might____, I might not ___. It was probably the one poem I didn't love in the whole book.

Her images, and the ideas in her poems just strike a chord with me. Even when the topic isn't something I especially care about, I feel like she makes me feel like it is a very dear subject to me. Ruefle is letting me know all the secrets of a thing, I am always surprised when I read her. She is also a great reader: Here are audio/video files of her reading in Berkley in 2002.

There was a cute poem at the end of the book that is titled "A Poem by Mary Ruefle" which was written by Dean Young. Even though I think he was trying to write like her, it was obvious that it was someone just trying to imitate. Ruefle also has a poem in one of Young's books, titled, of course: "A Poem by Dean Young." I will have to track it down.

My favorite poems in the book (It is times like these that I wish I didn't have my rule of only listing 4 of my favorites from the book):

Why I am not a Good Kisser

Female Ruin (Down at the middle of the page, after some photos)

Where Letters Go

The World as I Left It (This is about half way down the page, right before the youtube embedded movie)


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