Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Given by Arielle Greenberg

I felt like reading this book was hard work, and I had to stay very focused. The book had a lot of poems that I didn't understand at first, then read them over and over until I liked them. There were a few I could never figure out. I think this is one of those books that will have something for me every time I visit it. I liked Greenberg's connections, and images. I liked the way almost all of her poems looked on the page.

I liked Greenberg's use of blanks (as in, fill in the blanks) in some of her poems. It was fun to fill in the blanks myself. She also used very long dashes at times, in a similar way. I really didn't like how she used a scissor icon over and over in one of her poems. I felt like it was just a gimmick and didn't really add to the poem.

My favorite poems in this book: (I couldn't find any of these online! I found a lot of Greenberg's poems online, but not from this book)

Sea Legs
Foot and Mouth
The Apple-Headed Doll
The Alexander Technique


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