Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fragment of the Head of a Queen by Cate Marvin

Cate Marvin's poetry is really well constructed. It feels dense when you read it. I feel like I am getting twice the information that I would normally get in each line. I loved Marvin's World's Tallest Disaster so I was eager to read this one too.

Somehow, Marvin's poetry is even more condensed in this book. The sentences are shorter, which might be why the words feel like they are packed even tighter?

It took me longer to read this book. It was at the same time, a pleasure and a torture to read. I am always so worried about the speaker in her poems. They are a mess, desperate, and angry. However, they describe their troubles with the most gorgeous language.

I think I might like Marvin's first book slightly better, but both are worth checking out.

This has nothing to do with the writing, but the cover is one of my favorites. It is disturbing and familiar.

My favorites in this collection: (Almost all of them have audio links. Her reading adds quite a bit to the poems.)

A Brief Attachment

Lying My Head Off


Love the Contagion

Colder, Bitterer

The Cate Marvin page on From the Fishouse is great.


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I ordered her other book "World's Tallest Disaster" today! your fault!

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