Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Poetry is Alive in Massachusetts

Over the weekend, I attended a poetry reading of three early-career poets at the Concord library. I was happily surprised that the room was packed, especially since these poets were pretty unknown, and it snowed that day too.


At 5:35 AM, Blogger Keith Woodruff said...

hi valerie, just wanted to say I started up a new Blog and linked to you - cumberlandbeggar.blogspot.com .. thanks for your nice post on Poor Fool ... it helped motivate me to create the new one

At 1:02 AM, Blogger beth coyote said...

well attended poetry readings are a blessing, esp for the poor poets

At 5:20 PM, Blogger Valerie Loveland said...

I didn't even know that well-attended poetry readings existed before now!


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