Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The plane was too crowded to walk over and talk during the flight

Penn Jillette was on the flight from Boston to our NYC layover. During the flight I made plans to go over and say hi when we landed (I was trying to decide what would be best for me to mention: I was a fan of Bullshit, his magic show, or his dancing), but we had to run off the plane to catch our next flight.

6 Unspectacular Things

Laura and Arlene tagged me to reveal six unspectacular things about myself.

1. I found my first gray hair yesterday (I will be 33 in December).

2. Since 2003 I've lived in 3 states (NJ, CA, TX), and I'm moving to my 4th state (MA) in 2 weeks. I am formulating a plan to stop moving. I'm glad I moved around a lot--it was fun, but I've had enough.

3. I don't really have a sense of smell. I can sort of smells things, but only at about 15-25%. It has gotten worse over the years.

4. I always adopt black cats because they are the last to be adopted at the shelter.

5. I am obsessed with audio poetry. Half the reason I like running is because I listen to poets on my ipod while I'm working out.

6. I grew up with a Chihuahua who hated everyone but family members. Since then, I have a love of difficult animals.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Me on Independance Day