Monday, June 30, 2008

Found Poetry

Yesterday at the used bookstore, I found Annie Dillard's Mornings Like This, which is a whole book of found poems. I've only written one found poem (in high school), but I really enjoy reading them--they're almost always fun, and the poets often use rich source materials like hilarious/horrifying vintage women's magazines or science books from the 50's.

After seeing this book, I think an anthology or a literary magazine of found poems would be a fun idea. It seems like everyone has at least one found poem.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We saw Funny Games last night

I am looking into taking self-defense classes.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I Miss Glendale

Some friends who worked with me at the video game company got together last week, and we reminisced about working in downtown Glendale:

* Someone found $5k worth of drugs under a loose brick in the parking garage.

* A random, older, drunk woman stopped Phil (my boyfriend) as he was driving out of the parking lot to ask if she could “touch his cock.”

* I walked to my car at the top floor of the parking garage, and in the stairwell, I had to go through a bunch of guys with handkerchiefs tied around their faces.

* We pulled in to see a couple women with their asses out of their pants because they were peeing together in the parking garage.

* Some co-workers saw a couple having sex out in the open courtyard that we could see through the office windows.

* The multitude of times we saw someone being lewd with the Ben Franklin Statue in the courtyard in the same courtyard.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ghost Fever

My poem, Ghost Hunter's Meetup is on Poetry Friends today.

I wrote this poem after I went to the ghost hunter's meetup, and got sick with a fever, aches and dizziness, which disappeared by the morning.

The Most Popular Dog Names, An Insider's View

Yesterday on the Mental Floss blog, they posted this:

Top Ten Names for Dogs

Male Names
1. Max
2. Buddy
3. Jake
4. Rocky
5. Bailey
6. Buster
7. Cody
8. Charlie
9. Bear
10. Jack

Female Names

1. Molly
2. Maggie
3. Daisy
4. Lucy
5. Sadie
6. Ginger
7. Chloe
8. Bailey
9. Sophie
10. Zoe

Since I work at a pet resort, it was fun to compare this list to a list that I would have made of the most popular names. The resort is pretty representive of this list except for two minor changes: I would have made Bailey the #1 male name and Lucy the #1 female name. I also would have added the name Jackson to the males list instead of Jack. Jack is popular, but I've seen more Jacksons.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Editor Humor

When I was the editor of my college's literary magazine, I made an ad asking for submissions. I said I wanted people to write their name, address, phone number (the usual) and also astrological sign (as a joke) on the back of their submission.

Later, I was surprised to see astrological signs on the submissions, because I forgot I asked them to write it. It made my day that they played along.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I've been meaning to get into weightlifting

I responded to this ad on Craigslist:

Women's Weightlifting Group

Friday, June 13, 2008

About Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Spoilers)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was weird—most of the movie was a zany caper but then there were some serious, beautiful moments mixed in. The scene where the pink-haired woman gets shot while Harold is under the bed—striking. Then in the same scene, the way Harold can’t look at her killer when he takes his first shot, then crescendos to full, intentional, angry killing. It was such a surprise in a movie with dogs stealing amputated fingers, and women running around, trying to solve mysteries in sexy Mrs. Santa outfits.

I am a stickler for tone inconsistencies, but I really think the tone shifts enhance this one. I doubt I would still be thinking about this movie if it wasn’t for those few real, remarkable moments among all the zaniness.

(Like everyone else, I think the chemistry between Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. was wonderful. Since everyone agrees, I don’t see the need to go into it).

Monday, June 09, 2008

I need a break from biographies

I just got done reading Caitlin: Life With Dylan Thomas (by Caitlin Thomas). I didn’t enjoy the book at all. Caitlin Thomas seemed to hate her husband almost immediately after they got married, and was sort of indifferent to him before then. The book reminds me a little of Dido Merwin’s writing about Sylvia Plath--petty and bitter to the point that it seems like they’re being a bully.