Friday, August 31, 2007

If you want me to buy something

1. Put a cat on it
2. Make it pink
3. Give it a French theme


At 4:57 PM, Blogger Montgomery Maxton said...

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At 6:47 PM, Blogger Montgomery Maxton said...

kylie is going to my her webvideo debut soon!!

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Valerie Loveland said...

I can't wait!

At 7:19 AM, Blogger jenni said...

very cute!!

At 10:41 AM, Blogger Arlene said...

hi valerie! so nice of you to drop by my blog — i've added you to my links.

and you worked for a video game company?!!! i adore pc games as much as i adore cheating in them. must've been an interesting job. every time i play the sims 2, i can only imagine how wacky their work place must be and how much crude humor everyone there must be enjoying.



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